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We support you in professionally managing your retail trade development and centre planning and effectively implementing measures for vitalising locations.
Retail development concepts
Retail development concepts As a planning and control instrument, the retail trade development concept supports decision-making, offers planning security for investors, and increases confidence among retailers and consumers.
Inner-city development concepts
Inner-city development concepts In many cities and municipalities, there is a need to increase attractiveness and performance in favour of the inner cities.
Business improvement districts (BIDs)
Business improvement districts (BIDs) In the face of tight public budgets, the entrepreneurs and owners of many German city centres are increasingly being urged to break new ground in upgrading their business environments.
Monitoring and centre screening
Monitoring and centre screening Various key performance indicators decisive for the further development of a retail location are systematically monitored. It is all about the “vision of the city”.
Compatibility assessment
Compatibility assessment If investors can be attracted to suitable locations or are interested in an area for the settlement of a large-scale retail trade project it must (depending on the location) be examined whether the project is compatible with the existing retail trade landscape.
Building law analysis and land recycling
Building law analysis and land recycling In development plan areas, the planning controllability of a settlement project largely depends on the status of the respective Federal Land Utilisation Ordinance (BauNVO) on which use is based.
Urban and regional studies
Urban and regional studies Retail development in peripheral locations and residential areas has now been largely completed. On the other hand, there are still significant shortcomings in inner city development.
Local supply concepts
Local supply concepts Particularly in times of demographic change, securing local supply that is accessible on foot plays an increasingly important role. At the same time, the need for retail space in the food retail trade is increasing.
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