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We support you in professionally managing your retail trade development and centre planning and effectively implementing measures for vitalising locations.
Retail trade development concepts
Retail trade development concepts The retail trade development concept as planning and management instrument supports the decision-making, offers planning reliability for investors wishing to move to a location and leads to increased trust by the retail trade and consumers.
City centre development concepts
City centre development concepts Many cities and municipalities nowadays require an increase in appeal and performance for the benefit of their city or town centres. Too little organisation and financial resources as well as differing interests often stand in the way of effective collaboration.
Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)
Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) The business people and owners in many German town centres are nowadays increasingly forced to find new ways to enhance their business environment due to tight public spending budgets.
Monitoring and Centre screening
Monitoring and Centre screening Monitoring first of all means that various performance indicators are monitored systematically, which are decisive for the further development of a retail trade location. It is all about "Vision of the City".
Compatibility assessment
Compatibility assessment Where investors for suitable locations have been found or if investors are interested in an area as a site for a large space retail trade project, it must be established depending on the location, whether the project is compatible enough to integrate into the existing retail trade landscape.
Building law analysis and Space recycling
Building law analysis and Space recycling In areas covered by a binding land-use plan the planning controllability of a settlement project depends considerably on the status of the respective Federal Land Utilisation Ordinance (BauNVO) governing the land utilisation.
City and regional studies
City and regional studies The development of retail trade in peripheral locations and at domestic housing locations has been largely finished to this date. In contrast, there are still significant deficiencies with the development of inner cities. An inter-communally coordinated development of the retail trade enables the noticeable reduction of space-function deficiencies of the retail trade structure.
Local supply concepts
Local supply concepts Particularly in times of demographic change, securing access to local amenities on foot plays an increasingly important part. At the same time, the requirement for sales space of food retail stores is increasing
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