​Customer and target group analyses (Big Data)

Stationary traders and brand manufacturers face the challenge of collecting and analysing data on buying behaviour across multiple channels, in an attempt to better understand their customers / customer groups with respect to the buying process, and to develop a clearly differentiated service offering on this basis.

We support you in collecting, analysing and evaluating customer data relevant for competing, in order to assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of your customers. Our customer and target group analysis offers you the ideal support in making decisions in the multichannel area. Based on this customer and target group analysis we then develop the important foundations

  • for developing your multichannel strategy
  • for developing a clearly differentiated service offering based on various aspects
  • for identifying your areas of activity along the customer journey
  • for the ideal structure of your buying process
  • for identifying dependencies and interactions between the individual sales channels
  • for analysing the specific advantages of the individual channels.

​Multichannel strategy development

Growing competition, pricing pressure and heterogeneous consuming behaviour are putting the retail trade under an enormous amount of pressure. Retail trade has been successful in developing further through trial and error for a long time. However, in times of e-commerce and multichannel, this approach has found its limits.

Stationary traders have to develop a clear multichannel strategy and successfully integrate it into their company strategy based on understanding the customers across multiple channels. We support you in increasing your performance in all channels based on a multichannel strategy in the long term. We help you select the right fields of competition, in order to exploit the according growth potential. We thereby create a holistic view of the multichannel sales business and e-commerce. We evaluate your current market position and relate trends, technological developments and customer expectations to your company in a targeted manner. Using our jointly developed multichannel strategy will ensure your long-term success.

Implementation of multichannel strategy

Traders need to organise the implementation of their multichannel strategy and create the intertwining of the channels, by means of effective and customer-oriented processes, methods and systems.

Dr. Lademann & Partner supports you in implementing your multichannel strategy and establishing the required structures. For this we define the organisational requirements together with you and adapt the new areas of responsibility to your company structure. We attach great importance on reducing organisational complexity, which can result from the multichannel concept. In addition, we create a clear implementation road map, in order to ensure a sustainable strategy implementation.

Innovation strategy in the retail trade

To ensure their competitiveness, both retail traders and brand manufacturers with their own retail have to react to the dynamic of many external factors, as well as relating these to their company in a targeted manner and generating the innovations required therefore. However, most stationary traders assess their innovation activities critically, as they have no absolute reliability as to which precise areas need innovations.

By applying effective methods we support you in clearly identifying external driving forces and developments. In addition, we relate trends to your company and evaluate these with respect to their relevance and effect. This allows you to better orient your company for the future and to implement the ideal improvements for the buying process. As part of idea workshops, we also provide you with well-founded impulses and work on new ideas together with you. Here, we are not only adept in generating impulses, for example in developing innovative floor space concepts, but also assist you during the decision process, in order to make the right choices for your new projects regarding the wealth of new ideas while keeping resources in mind. And, of course, we assist you with the implementation of your ideas.

As part of our consulting both for new concepts and for refurbishments for managing companies of shopping centres, we establish which innovative features from the digital world are available on the market, which are already tried and tested internationally and which of those can offer real added value or customer benefit for the specific centre. As part of innovation workshops, we discuss the results of our work with you and determine which elements should be implemented in the short, medium and long term in the form of a road map. This is always measured by customer acceptance and customer benefit. This enables you to increase the browsing time of your customers to the benefit of sales, and to enhance the loyalty of your customers to your centre.

Online marketing

Stationary traders have to look into the instruments of online marketing and understand its common business models. In addition, they are faced with the challenge of establishing an online sales channel and at an advanced stage optimise it for customers with mobile consumer devices, which can access the internet.

Dr. Lademann & Partner supports you in selecting the right online marketing method based on a customer and target group analysis, in order to better place your company or shopping centre into the relevant set of customers and to significantly increase the conversion rate.

Here, we take the most important online marketing instruments into consideration:

  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Banners and displays
  • Social Media
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Link partnerships
  • Targeting
  • On-site campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing

Compared to classic advertising, online marketing success and failure of marketing campaigns is completely traceable. We are happy to also help you with this!

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