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We provide you with the best possible decision aids for your investment in a new project with the rating procedure and market due diligences and check, whether an existing object can be managed in future profitably.
Market and location analyses, viability studies
Market and location analyses, viability studies Location deficits in retail trade are increasingly affecting the profitability in the life cycle of a location.
Concept development and checking as well as coaching
Concept development and checking as well as coaching Market and competition risks of the managing companies must not affect the success of commercial real estate. Therefore, the unique position of an object has to be secured as far as possible already at the concept development stage.
Rating procedure/ Portfolio controlling
Rating procedure/ Portfolio controlling Using modern market research methods, we are able to check even complex and comprehensive real estate properties for institutional investors/owners of portfolios by developing and applying operator-specific factors of the market success together with the customer.
Object and project analyses
Object and project analyses The diverse services offered by Dr. Lademann & Partner in the case of object and project analyses also come in the form of a classic project consultation.
Market Due Diligence for retail trade properties
Market Due Diligence for retail trade properties We establish an individual and profound assessment of the real estate property or a complete real estate package you are wanting to buy or sell by means of an object and location assessment for trade properties and derive target-oriented recommendations for you.
Compatibility assessment
Compatibility assessment The integration into an existing retail trade landscape is the core focus of a compatibility assessment. This means that it must be assessed and evaluated to what extent the realisation of the project will trigger significant effects relating to regional planning and urban development policy with respect to Sec. 11 para. 3 of the German Federal Land Utilisation Ordinance (BauNVO).
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